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A huge buy I just made today! 🚨 I’ve been super bullish on sports cards and specifically basketball 🏀. Now please don’t go out and start buying basketball cards without educating yourself...but...Spend some time educating yourself (blowout cards forum is great) twitter has some really educated people. And really think about this. The world is getting smaller with fedex and eBay and other platforms and China is getting more and more serious about basketball and that demand market will be a huge factor. Soccer and basketball and even Wrestling really has huge upside in my opinion, now, like I’ve said before, always look at the macro economy as sports cards definitely aren’t a Top need for most, however, it’s stunning to see what is happening with cards during Covid (the last 3 months have been exploding) just google : “sports card industry” and hit the “news” tab and read articles in the last 3-6 months. It’s happening. Below is some cards I believe are underpriced and I’m going heavy on( please don’t just follow my lead as I’ve been wrong before) but I really like these cards. A) Durant 2007 Topps base rookie psa10: the black background make this a hard card to grade to 10 and Durant in my opinion is wildly interesting given the fact that he hasn’t played all year and when he comes back he will still have a lot of scoring in the tank, he’s #14 all-time according to to the new espn rankings and another ring or 2 and he’s in the top 10 Easy, he’s also ambitious, interesting and creative, is life after basketball will keep him in the world. The Chrome rookies have gotten expensive but these at $450-$500 feel like a $1100 card to me in a year. All Topps bass rookies have gotten hot (look at Shaq). Rest of the cards and why I bought them, will be in in my stories .. typing now... Who’s getting into the game?

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Analyzing the available sales data, Zion Williamson’s cards will continue to slide.  With the legal battle he’s in right now, his cards will remain a bit cold (except maybe his ultra-high-end cards – e.g. National Treasures RPA, etc.) But the NBA should resume soon, so for me it’s a buy, buy, buy mode for Zion RCs – especially the mid-lower end ones (this is not an investment advice, bear in mind.)

ONDE.CARDS on Zion Williamson Cards Prices – Buy or Sell?
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