Gary Vee is Good for The Sports Cards Industry. Here’s Why.

Gary Vee is Good for The Sports Cards Industry. Here’s Why.

I read so many hate comments about Gary Vaynerchuk and his involvement in the sports cards industry. As someone who has followed him for years and have been mentored and inspired by him – all not related to sports cards – I feel the need to clarify a few things.

“Snake oil salesman”

Gary Vaynerchuk – or Gary Vee to be short – was name-called as snake oil salesman for all his career. The problem with all the name-calling is the fact that it’s baseless.

I watch, read, and listen to hundreds of Gary Vee’s content, and I don’t understand where the “sales” part of his content. Sure, he sells once and a while, but 99 percent of his content is free, and I must say better in quality compared to those so-called influencers and experts charging hundreds, even thousands of dollars just to access their advice and tips.

I follow Gary Vee’s tips and advice as an entrepreneur/investor/social media evangelist because as a digital marketer myself, I need insights coming from the horse’s mouth. Sure, his potty mouth isn’t for everyone, but you’ve got to see past though all of those F-word, M-word, S-word, etc. and pick his brain – he’s visionary, and can see the future trends because of the amount of time he spent on social and other media, listening and watching what people are doing.

He went hard into the sports cards industry because it’s time, and sports cards collecting and investing are already becoming part of the sports culture.  The acknowledgement? His branded insert in 2019 Topps Series 2 Baseball.

Gary Vaynerchuk makes Sports Cards Investing Relevant

I was always interested in sports cards investing, but really not sure on how to go about it. Sure, flipping cards are pretty simple – buy low, sell high, make a profit, the end. But it’s more complicated than that – e.g. how to know which NBA players will be hot in the future? Which cards will rise 10, 20, or 30x in the future? Gary Vee shared his insights on all of that.

Many say that the rising prices we see in the hobby today are due to Gary Vee. I must say that it’s a possibility, but let me say this again and again – the hobby industry is big, and one Gary Vee can’t influence it that much. There are definitely those who are the whales in sports cards but less vocal than Gary, but impacting the market in a big say – in silent.

One more thing –  culture is a strong proponent of growth. The timing, the serendipity, and the need to invest and make a profit of something we all love are strong driving forces. And if one Gary Vee can impact that culture, it’s all good.

For me, I love sportscard collecting. But if sports cards are now becoming popular investments, I’m all in! I can’t find any other investments which can make us happy, and grow our money at the same time, then sports cards.

What do you think?

Now over to you – what do you think of Gary Vaynerchuk as a sports cards investor and influencer? Good or bad for the hobby? I’ve shared my opinion. Please share yours. Peace.

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2 thoughts on “Gary Vee is Good for The Sports Cards Industry. Here’s Why.

  • Great insight. I think GaryVee is good for the hobby. Yes, I said it. I was critical early that he needs to stress sports cards aren’t sneakers or yard sales. There is so much complexity to the hobby. There’s a huge difference in price between a silver prizm and a prizm, but they look a lot a like on eBay. My concern is the hobby has always had challenges with scams. With the influx of more people and more money, we need to expect more scams and fraud. Buyer Beware.
    Today I follow Gary just to be aware of his activity like I track athletes. Both have impact on cards prices.

    • Hiya! Thanks for dropping by 🙂

      Haha – yeah, I know GaryVee turns a lot of people off in the hobby. The thing is, I’ve been following GaryVee for 5 years and understand that despite his brash, trash taking, aggressive attitude, he’s genuine in his intent to help people. For him entering (or rather, return to) the sports card industry is a no brainer, and already long overdue.

      The thing is, his followers are often not putting enough hours in learning about the hobby; some are in it for the money, and in every type of hobby – no matter how lucrative it is – that’s just wrong 🙂


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