Yet Another “Hello world!” Post

Yet Another “Hello world!” Post

Welcome to Onde Cards.  This is basically the first post for this site. Don’t worry, there’s more to come!

For now, a very short intro on Onde Cards.

Onde Cards is the blog for sports card investing and collecting – specifically for my personal journey in those two. I’m going to talk about what I learn about sports cards investing and collecting, and share to you, the readers, the interesting stuff I found online in my journey.

As I’m a basketball and soccer fan, most cards would be in basketball niche first, and soccer second. But there would also be some updates on other major sports, along the way.

Embiid 2014 Gold Standards RPAs

The content is probably 50-50 between investing and collecting, but all depends on what I have in mind – or found on the web.

That’s about it for the first post, really.  Catch ya later.

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